Will Byers is found [Stranger Things]

In what episode is will found?

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 Will Byers is found in the “Upside Down” in Episode 8 Season 1 of the TV Series Stranger Things with episode title: “Chapter Eight: The Upside Down”.


Will Seeing the Upside Down



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Episode Summary:

Hopper and Joyce both get caught sneaking into Hawkins Laboratory. While they were being interrogated, Hopper, in a separate room makes a deal with Brenner so that he and Joyce can go to find Will.  Joyce and Hopper set out to the Upside Down in Protective gear in search of Will.

Back at the Byers’ home, Nancy and Jonathan set up a trap to catch and kill the monster. Sometime later the monster appears, and during the confrontation almost killed Jonathan but is saved by the intervention of Steve who arrived at the house sometime before the monster appeared. They manage to light the monster a fire but the fire went out and the monster disappeared.

Mike and his companions are found by Brenner and his men in a school they were hiding. Eleven uses her powers to fight back and kills a few agents in the process. Attracted by the blood, the monster appears and starts to kill many of the agents with Brenner. Moments later, the monster turned its attention to Mike and the others who were hiding in a class room. The monster enters the class room and tries to harm them. Lucas uses his slingshot/small catapult which had little to no effect. Before the monster got too close to them El who at this point was still recovering, used her power to kill the monster. Both her and the monster seemed to have vanished.

Eleven holding back monster

Back in the Upside Down Hopper and Joyce finds Will unconscious with tentacle like hose extending down his throat. They remove it, and Hopper performs CPR on him and he revives.  A few weeks after recovering he is seen at home having dinner, he leaves the table for the bath room and vomits a slug, right after the “Upside Down” appears to him and then disappears.

Will byers in Upside Down

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