Pete Finds Out About Clark’s Powers [Smallville]

In what episode does Pete learns about clark’s secret powers?

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In a desperate attempt to save his friendship and to protect his secret, Clark was forced to reveal his powers to Pete in Season 2 Episode 3 of the TV series Smallville, with the title: “Duplicity”.


Episode Summary:

After having an argument Dr. Steven Hamilton storms out of Lex’s office. While driving on the road he gets into difficulty and cuts off a Van Driver who overturned into a nearby corn field. Hamilton Speeds away from the scene while Pete was comping along. Pete Runs to rescue the Van Driver but is surprised by a space ship looking object. The next morning he asks Clark to help him carry it home. Clark convinces Pete not to tell anyone including Chloe. Clark reveals the situation to his parents and his father decides to steal it. Pete finds out and Clark lies to him about it. Knowing that his friend lied to him he tells him he is going to expose him. wanting save their friendship Clark reveals his powers and the secret about the ship to him. The betrayal still didn’t sit well with Pete and it caused a rift in their friendship. Dr. Hamilton decides to approach Lex’s Father who recently visited the Mansion to stay for a few weeks to fund his research that Lex shutdown. 

After Clark comes home to find Lana in his Loft spying on Nell and Dean he convinces her to confront Nell about her feelings. Pete goes to check in his shed only to find Dr. Hamilton searching through his stuff for the disk from the space ship which he stole earlier. a tussle ensued and is knocked unconscious. After Nell reveals Dean’s Proposal to her she could decided not to confess her feelings. Elsewhere Pete wakes up to find himself bound. Chloe figures out the death of the Van Driver and Pete’s disappearance are linked to Dr. Hamilton, which Clark acts upon and manages to stop the Dr. from injecting Pete with a liquid substance (which caused the doctors sporadic spasms ). Clark tries to untie Pete but is weakened by a splash of the meteor rock liquid from the needle. The Doctor takes a flask of the liquid to torture Clark, but is hit by Pete behind the head which sent him crashing on a table with the liquid substance. The substance entered his body and caused a violent reaction which ended up killing him. Later Lex and Lionel later turns up at the barn but there was no spaceship to be found. Pete, Clarke and Clark’s family is then seen back at the storm cellar with the ship. Pete tells Clark that after all that transpired he sees now why Clark did now want to reveal his secret.

Pete finds out clark

Clark and Pete

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