Lex and Lana get married [Smallville]

In what episode does Lex and Lana get married?

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Lex and Lana exchange their vows and get married in Season 6 Episode 16 the of the TV series Smallville, with the title: “Promise”.


Episode Summary:

Clark becomes very uneasy about Lanna marrying Lex. After rescuing Chloe from the wine cellar, she tries to persuade Clark to stop Lana’s marriage. unbeknownst to them Lana was hiding behind the bottles and got to see Clark’s secret and learn of Clarke’s love for her. Meanwhile Lex himself is also uneasy about the fact that Lana will discover his true self and decline on marrying him. On the day of the wedding Clarke visits Lana to tell her his secret, but Lana quickly sends him away with a kiss for them to meet later saying she is not going to go through with the marriage. Lionel finds out about her decision and threatens to kill Clark if she does not honor her promise to marry his son.

While waiting for Lana, Clarke rehearses his proposal to her but she never showed up. Some minutes before the wedding  Lex confronts doctor Langston who tried to blackmail him; Out of anger Lex attacks and kills the doctor. Clark speeds off to the wedding  just in time to hear the wedding vows exchanged. After the wedding Clark confronts Lana and confesses his love for her but she rebuffs. After an argument between Lex and his father, the episode ends with Lana looking back at a downhearted Clark from the rear window as she’s been driven away.

Clark meets with Lana

Lex and Doctor

Lex and Lana

Lana Looks back at Clark

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