In what episode does Clark fly? [Smallville]

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Clarke Kent does not fly until Season 10 of the TV series Smallville. However Kal- El (the Kryptonian persona of Clark programmed by his father Jor-El) took flight in Season 4 Episode 1 with the title “Crusade”.

Note: Clarke was seen hovering in over his bed while while dreaming in Season 1 Episode 2. Due to the nature of this situation it make be seen as debatable that he was actually flying.

Kal-El flying
Kal-El Flying


Episode Summary:

The episode starts with a video of Chloe stating that she has died and that Clarke is the only person that can figure out the person responsible. The person watching this video was Lois Lane the cousin of Chloe. Determined to find out the truth about the matter, Lois takes it upon herself to find Clarke and get justice for her cousin. On her search for Clarke’s home, Lois crashes into a corn field. Suddenly a bizarre strike of lightning hits the field forming a pentagram like shape and in the middle lies Kal-El. When Kal-El got up he did not seem to remember anything, not even his name when asked by Lois.  He was then taken to the hospital where he was found by Martha Kent. Lois was ignorant of the fact that these were the people she was looking for and did not find out until they left the hospital. 

Martha Kent
Martha Kent holding Black Kryptonite

Martha, determined to get back the Clarke she knew, showed Kal-El some pictures of Jonathan Kent and of his friends that he knew in order to jog his memory. But this did not work and he only seemed to recognize Jonathan and stated Jonathan was not his father. As he walked out side he fell to his knees because of what seemed like a headache but it was triggered by a Kryptonian crystal that Lex Luthur found on his expedition to Egypt. Suddenly he seemed to have figured out who he is and what he needed to do and told Martha that Clarke Kent is dead and his name is Kal-El and he must fulfill his destiny.

Kal-El vs Clarke
Clarke fighting Kal-El
Jonathan Kent
Jonathan Kent wakes from coma

It was at this time that Kal-El flew and went after Lex to take the crystal. After exiting the inner chamber of the cave where he placed the crystal in, Kal-El encountered Martha who used black kryptonite to free Clarke from Kal-El. Mysteriously Jonathan Kent wakes up from the coma he was in at the same time.

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