Micheal Scofield Escapes from Sona of Series Prison Break in season 3 episode 12 with the title Hell or High Water.


Michael escaping from sona

Episode Summary

Lechero, T-Bag and Bellick make a run to escape after the lights for the prison went out. This advice was given to them by Michael that they should make a run for it before the 30 seconds runs out for the generator to come online. Michael holds back Whistler and McGrady preventing them from running out of the tunnel with Lechero and company.


Lachero and company running

Micheal before escaping

Micheal before escaping

All three men, Lechero, T-Bag and Bellick were caught as the generator came back online only 15 seconds after the power went out, with Lechero getting shot in the belly during the process. This was a part of Michael’s plan. After Menjavar heard the inmate count and found out that Michael and others were missing. He starts to beat Lechero and company in order to get the location of Micheal and the others.

Guards pursuing Micheal and the others

Guards pursuing Micheal and the others

They however managed to escape sona just in time before the guards got to the location. The guards pursued them but they managed to get away in at a nearby beach.

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