Jon Snow Dies [Game of Thrones]

In what episode does Jon Snow Die?

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Jon Snow dies in the TV Series Game of Thrones in Season 5 Episode 10 with the title “Mother’s Mercy”


Stannis and army
Stannis and Army




Episode Summary:

Stannis and his troops in the North prepares to march on winterfell but with half his men deserting him, he and his army fell easily to the Bolton Army. Arya Stark manages to take revenge on her dance master’s killer in Braavos. While back in Meereen, Daenerys’ council is unsure of the direction they should take as she is absent. Daario and Jorah depart to search for their queen while Tyrion kept watch over the city.


John snow reading
Jon Snow Reading

After sending off his friend Sam, Jon Snow is met by Davos who tries to persuade Jon to get help from the Wildlings, but Jon refuses. That same night Jon Snow got cornered by his Brothers where he go stabbed multiple times before also being betrayed by Olly his steward, “For The Watch”. Jon Snow Dies shortly after receiving the final blow from Olly.

Jon Snow death
Jon Snow left for dead in the cold
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