In what episode of does Danny die? [Revolution]

Danny dies in Season 1 Episode 11 of the TV Series Revolution with the title: “The Stand

Choppers spotted

Episode Summary:

The episode starts with Miles, Rachel, Danny, Charlie, Aaron, and Nora running from a Monroe Republic Militia UH-1 “Huey” Helicopter. It chased them into an abandoned restaurant where they took cover. The pilot of the helicopter then launched rockets on the building which got engulfed in flames, after which the helicopter left.

outside restaurant

Sometime the following day the group spots one of Monroe’s helicopters going in the direction of the West Chester rebel camp. When they arrived at the camp they found out that the helicopter launched an attack killing everyone there. Nora tells Miles she has to go to Central Command to warn them of the situation. Rachel takes the blame saying she gave Bass the amplifier. She then informed Miles and the others of a co-worker named John that has Thermal Guided Surface to Air Missile Launchers who lived nearby. So she and Miles decide to go together.

Rebel camp attacked

Mean while in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania,  Major Tom Neville, his son Jason and a few tropes stand outside a bombed out building with a survivor who Major Tom starts to question about the location of closest rebel camp.

Charlie, Danny, Nora and Aaron come across a parking lot where they are surprised by men with guns later found out to be rebels of the Central Command. At the Central Command they meet Commander Ramsey who told them that the resistance is over. Charlie then asks what if they could help. Commander Ramsey asks how. Nora replies that Miles Matheson will.

Rebel headquarters found

Nearby Outside the Rebel Central Command, Tom Neville and Jason spy through binoculars across the Rebel Base and sees Charlie. Delighted by this find Major Neville decides to call in an air strike. However he and his son Jason had a disagreement which turned into a physical fight. After beating Jason to the ground he tells him that he is a disappointment and that he should not return home again.


Near the Rebel Base, Jason meets Charlie and tells her about the air strike. This Intel was then questioned by Nicholas and Commander Ramsey of its trustworthiness. It was later decided that they would trust the information and stand to fight.

Major Neville's son

At John’s house Rachel and Miles regain consciousness, finding their hand tied and held hostage by John who is working for Randall Flynn.  They later got to escape caring with them the weapons they needed.

miles and rachel held hostage

At Independence Hall, Monroe Republic, Neville informs Bass of the rebels and Bass decides to order the airstrike. Neville also told Bass that his son died.

When the air strike on the rebel base finally starts, the choppers proved overwhelming to the rebel troops. Not long after Miles and Rachel arrive on a wagon with the Missile Launcher. Miles then took it to shoot down one of the helicopters; however a second one came and launched a missile blowing him back .(Miles is stunned)

Miles after being blown away

Seeing the situation Danny shoulders the launcher and launches a missile hitting the chopper with the amplifier. The other chopper spirals down with wild gunfire. This gunfire hit Danny multiple times in his chest and abdomen. Charlie dies shortly after this.

danny getting shot

Rachel checking danny's pulse

At the end of this episode Randall meets with Bass. The final scenes of the episode shows Rachel cutting what appears to be some sort of electronic capsule from Danny’s body.

probe like capsule taken fron danny's body

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