In what episode does Jess and Nick kiss for the fist time? [New Girl]

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Jess first kisses Nick in the TV Series New Girl Season 2 Episode 15 with the title “Cooler”

 Nick and Jess kissing

Episode Summary:

Jess is considered by the guys as a cooler force when they go out. So she is told to not accompany them on their outing to find women. They guys decide to hang out at a bar after being kicked out of a club. They however still continued in their pursuit for women but Nick was the only one having success.

Nick and Holly

Meanwhile back at the house a bored and lonely Jess starts to keep herself entertained by dressing up in different costumes running up and down the house. She becomes terrified after hearing scratches on the door and starts to call Sam, Cece and Nick. The guys accompanied by two other women arrive at the apartment and stars a strip game. This game led to a situation where Nick had to kiss Jess.

Jess and Nick locked inside a room

Nick and Jess gets locked in a room where they must kiss in order to get out. But Nick did not want to do it and so he managed to escape which ended the game. Later in the night Jess hears the scratching on the door again and alerts Nick. When Nick opens the door it is revealed to be the neighbour’s dog. As Jess says goodnight Nick grabs her and the two starts passionately kissing.

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