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Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark dies in the TV Series Game of Thrones in Season 1 Episode 9 with the title “Baelor”


Sansa, Cersei and joffery

Joffery ask for the head of Ned



Episode Summary:

To save his daughter out of a dangerous situation, Eddard Stark decides to confess to treason. Robb Gains Passage form Welder Frey and leads his army to its first victory.

 Ned Stark at Sept of Baelor

Ned Stark at before beheading

Ned Stark about to be behead


Robb after victory

Robb after victory

Daenerys’ husband Drogo falls ill to a festering wound received while fighting. Jon Discovers a secret about Maester Aemon. Upon confession of treason by Eddard Stark, Joffrey commands that he be beheaded. The Beheading was carried out, and Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark dies in this episode by his own sword “Ice”, in one strike.

Daenerys and Drago

Maester Aemon and Jon

Maester Aemon and Jon


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