In what episode does detective Carter die? [Person of Interest]

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Detective Jocelyn “Joss” Carter dies in Season 3 Episode 9 of the TV Series Person of Interest with the title: “The Crossing”.


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Episode Summary:

Simmons gets called by a judge that is affiliated with HR explaining to him that they could be facing a felony murder charge due to the fact that detective Carter is going to turn Quinn over to the authorities. And in addition to that, evidence linking him to HR. In order to cover HR’s tracks, Simmons uses the judge’s firearm to kill him and comes up with a fabricated story of robbers killing the judge. Simmons then sends out a ‘shoot to kill’ message for John, which caused the machine to bring up John’s number.

Simmons and Judge
Judge talking to Simmons

Escaping HR
John and Carter escaping in ambulance


During the transport of HR’s Leader Alonzo Quinn by Carter and John, Finch loses contact with them and tells it to Shaw. Shaw recommends that he get help from the machine using Root. However he instructs that she and Fusco split up in order to find Carter and John. Sometime after Carter and John made their escape through an HR controlled roadblock, Fusco gets captured and Finch decides to send Shaw to rescue him. At the same time while John Reese and Carter are escorting Quinn they encounter a gang of men who caught sight of them. In order to evade the gang they broke into a nearby building (the city morgue) for cover.  However as time passed HR gets wind of their location and enters the morgue to capture them. Elsewhere at a factory where Fusco is held as a hostage, Simmons’s accomplices are given the order to “waste” both Fusco and his son. Fortunately for Fusco’s son Shaw arrives in time to save him. Fusco on the other hand manages to overpower his would be killer and escapes.

Fusco held hostage Johns moment with Carter


John and cops Quinn handded over


Some scenes after, John decides to be a decoy in order for Carter to escape with Quinn, partway during the plan John gets shot and is rescued from his pursuer by Non-HR cops (who arrested John). Carter manages to hand over Quinn to the FBI, which led to the arrest of many of HR’s members except for Simmons who was still at large. Near the end of the episode John is released and while engaging in a conversation with detective Carter outside the police precinct the phone started to ring (the machine calling). It was ignored by both and shortly after Simmons appears and shoots John, Carter exchanges fire and shots Simmons who fled the scene. However Carter also got shot and succumbed to her injuries.

Simmons shooting

Detective Carter and John
Detective Carter dies


Other Major Events

  • John kisses detective Cater for the first time.
  • Carter deduces that Finch is using a computer to tap into government feeds to find people in need of help.
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