In what episode does Derek die? [Grey’s Anatomy]

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Derek Christopher Shepherd dies in the TV Series Grey’s Anatomy in Season 11 Episode 21 with the title: “How to Save a Life.”




Episode Summary:

Derek becomes the witness of serious a car accident on his way to the airport. The accident involved a sports car and a SUV.  The occupants of the SUV (Sarah and Winnie) injuries did not appear life threatening. However those of Alana and Charlie who were the occupants of the sports car were serious.  Derek helped to tend to their injuries until the ambulance arrived.

accident scene Ambulance arrives

After the ambulance leaves Derek enters his car to leave and then gets hit by a trailer Truck.  At the Dillard Medical Center ER where he was taken, he is found by Winnie who told doctor Edie his name and other information because Derek could not speak.  Edie and Paul had a disagreement between getting a CT and going to the OR to stop internal bleeding. This ended turned out to be a deciding factor in Derek’s death.

Winnie inside SUV

Derek before surgery
Derek before surgery

After Hours of Surgery Derek Succumbs to his injuries. Sometime after arriving at the hospital and learning of what had taken place his wife Meredith makes the decision to take him off life support.


Derek off life support
Derek taken off life support


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