In what episode does Arrow fights The Flash? [The Flash]

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 Arrow fights The Flash in Season 1 Episode 8 of the TV Series The Flash. With the title: “Flash vs. Arrow”



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Episode Summary:

Episode starts with Berry responding to a bank robbery in which the culprit escapes. In light of that recent robbery at which the Berry as the Flash was present, detective Eddie mentions the capturing of the Flash to the police captain (which Iris was against). after the conversation Berry heads to S.T.A.R Labs during the time they were investigating the ability of the bank robbing meta-human named Bivolo with the ability to make people aggressive.  After a visit to Iris, Berry as the Flash manages to make it in time to assist police officers who caught up with Bivolo, shortly after the Arrow arrived on the scene and manages to stop a police officer infected by the meta-human.

Captain Singh

In the midst of the Arrow, Flash meet up Berry finds out that Oliver, Felicity and Diggle are in Central city to investigate a deadly razor sharp Boomerang. Berry takes Felicity to S.T.A.R Labs to run tests on the deadly weapon. Joe and Dr. Wells express their distrust of Oliver Queen to Berry but he insists on Oliver’s trustworthiness.

Arrow making his appearance
Flash and Iris

After a training session with Oliver, Berry finds the location Bivolo’s hideout and goes against advise given to him and confronts Bivolo. Berry gets infected by the meta-human’s ability to become very aggressive. An enraged Berry goes after detective Eddie. The Arrow intervenes which starts a fight between Arrow and the Flash. Oliver however manages to restrain Berry to allow Dr. Wells multicolored light device to cure him.

Detective Eddie
Detective Eddie attacked by The Flash

Arrow Vs Flash
Arrow and Flash

That same night they manage to catch and imprison Bivolo, moments later Oliver highlights the seriousness of keeping his identity secret which got revealed to the Flash Team. Berry as the flash meets with Iris and apologizes to her. At the end of the episode a homeless man is approached by would be robbers but the man stands up to defend himself with his hands flaming red.

Multi Colored Lights
Multi-colored Lights Device
Man with flames
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