In what episode does Skyler find out that Walt has cancer? [Breaking Bad]

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Walt seemed to have told Skyler about him having cancer at the end of episode 3 Season 1 of the TV series Breaking Bad. However it was not until the following episode (Episode 4) of Season 1 that this was confirmed at a family barbecue with the title: “Cancer Man” 


Skyler bursting into tears

Episode Summary:

The episode opens with Hank Schrader bringing to the attention of his DEA team the possibility of new meth dealers in town. This scene is then followed by a family barbecue of four persons, Walt, Skyler White, Hank, Marie Schrader, and Walter White Jr. Skyler then bursts into tears after hearing Walt’s story of how they met each other. Marie asked Skyler what was wrong and she pointed at Walt and said “Ask him”. Walter replied and said “amm…I have cancer…. Lung cancer…. Its bad.”

Walt saying he has cancer

After a family discussion about the way forward, Skyler makes an appointment for Walt with a leading oncologist. Further into the episode Jesse runs off to his parents’ home after having a hallucination of scruffy bikers with weapons marching to his house, which was later revealed to be Mormon missionaries.

Scruffy bikers
Scruffy bikers
Mormon missionaries
Mormon missionaries


Near the end of the episode Walt crosses paths for the second time with a man in a BMW convertible who snatched his parking space at a bank. When the man exited his car and enters a nearby building. Walt fixed a squeegee to the battery terminals of the BMW and it then burst into flames. Walt then drove off.

BMW bursts into flames
BMW burning while walt walks away
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