In what episode does hank die? [Breaking Bad]

Hank dies in Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 14 with the title “Ozymandias”.

Hank after shooting

Episode Summary:

The episode starts with a flashback when Walt and Jesse first started to cook Meth. The next scene starts with a barrage of gun fire after which Hank is seen holding on to his leg due to loosing blood (he was shot). His partner was also lying on the ground with no sign of life. The Aryan gang catches Hank and finds out that he is DEA and was about to kill him when Walt shouted at Jack (gang’s leader) not to kill him because Hank was family. Hank however was uncooperative and was killed. After a hunt for Jesse Pinkman (who they did not find), the gang uncovered barrels of money belonging to Walt buried in the ground. Walt is given one barrel by the gang’s leader Jack. Walt then gives up Jesse Pinkman’s hiding spot (under his car) when jack said if he found him he would kill him.

barrel of money S5E14

The gang then drove away with Jesse after which Walt also drove off. However along the way his car ran out of gas and he is forced to walk through the desert with the barrel of cash. He reaches a nearby Indian village after sometime and bought an old van from a resident there.

Walt roling a barell in desert

Thereafter Skyler is forced by Marie Schrader to tell his son about his father’s activities. Which she eventually did but his son was in disbelief. The next scene shows Jesse Pinkman in a tortured state held prisoner by the Aryan Gang.

When Walt got home he and his wife got into a fight. Seeing his son calling the police he takes baby Holly and drives away. Sometime passes and Walt calls Skyler and starts to vent his frustration, at the same time a police officer at the White’s residents tries to get a trace on the call.

Walt Calls Skyler

Near to the end of the episode baby Holly is found at a fire station inside one of the trucks. The episode ends with Walt boarding a red car and driving away with a barrel and some luggage.

Red car S5E14

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