In what episode does Gus Die? [Breaking Bad]

Gus or Gustavo Fring dies in Season 4 Episode 13 of the TV Series Breaking Bad with the title “Face Off”

Walt on phone
Walt calling Skyler

Episode Summary:

At the beginning of this episode Walt runs to Gus’ car and removes the bomb that he attached to it. He then meets with Jesse at the hospital and a while after Jesse got taken by police for interrogation. At the time of the interrogation Walt brakes into Saul Goodman’s office in order to get any contact information for him. He discovers that Saul’s secretary was there the whole time and so he tried to get information from her to contact Saul. Saul’s secretary seemed only to be interested in the glass door that Walt broke and used it as a means to extort Walt.  Walt then goes back to his house for money and finds out Gus’s hit men were waiting on him.

Walt breaking into Saul’s office

Back at the police interrogation, Saul arrives at the interrogation room and relives the officers interrogating Jesse. Walt then tries to come up with another plan to take out Gus and decides to use Hector Salamanca to do it. He sets up a trap by making Gus believe that Hector told the DEA about him.


Gus then decides to personally deal with the situation and goes to the nursing home where Hector was staying. He visited Hector in his room with his Henchman Tyrus. Tyrus hands Gus a syringe and then Hector starts to give Gus a strange look. Hector starts to ring the bell on his wheel chair and Gus notices that a bomb is rigged to it.


bomb on wheel chair
Bomb on Hector’s wheel chair

Gus makes a loud shout then the bomb detonates. The Next scene shows the room door blowing off and debris flying in the hallway of the nursing home. Surprisingly Gus walks out of the room adjusting his tie seeming to be unharmed. Nurses run to the scene but stops in shock after seeing Gus. Half of Gus’ face has been blown off, showing his jaw, parts of his skull (parts of brain also exposed) and one empty eye socket. Gus then falls dead on the floor. Walt then hears the news on the radio after that he and Jesse destroys Gus’ cooking lab. Walt then calls his wife.

Nursing home hallway
Nursing home hallway
Gus after bomb blast


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8 years ago

One of the best episodes ever on TV!

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