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In what episode does hank die? [Breaking Bad]

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Hank dies in Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 14 with the title “Ozymandias”. Episode Summary: The episode starts with a flashback when Walt and Jesse first started to cook Meth. The next scene starts with a ba...

In what episode does Gus Die? [Breaking Bad]

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Gus or Gustavo Fring dies in Season 4 Episode 13 of the TV Series Breaking Bad with the title “Face Off” Episode Summary: At the beginning of this episode Walt runs to Gus’ car and removes the bomb that he a...

In what episode does Skyler find out that Walt has cancer? [Breaking Bad]

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  Episode Summary: The episode opens with Hank Schrader bringing to the attention of his DEA team the possibility of new meth dealers in town. This scene is then followed by a family barbecue of fou...