Donald Trump Mentioned as President [The Simpsons]

in what episode is Donald Trump predicted as president in the Simpsons?

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Donald Trump was mentioned as being the President prior to Lisa in the Cartoon The Simpsons, Season 11 Episode 17 (overall episode 243), With the title: “Bart to the Future”. 


Lisa mentions Donald Trump as Previous President


Episode Summary:

Homer is forced to take a detour from his family camping trip due to a bug problem at the camp site. Sone distance during the travel He stops at an Indian casino with his family. Everyone except Bart declines Homer’s request to follow him into the casino. Bart however is denied entry due to him being a minor. He gains entry by hiding himself in the doll box of puppeteer who was about to enter the casino to perform.

Bart and Homer

After exiting the box Bart gets caught by security. He is then taken to the manager of the casino who shows him what will happen to him in the future. In the future Bart is revealed to be an irresponsible loafer, living in a rundown apartment with his band roommate Ralph. They manage to get their first Gig at a club, which was very poorly received by the audience. Upon coming home to their apartment they are greeted with an ‘Evicted’ sign. Ralph blames Bart for all their misfortunes and decides to part ways with him “forever”. As he is about to kill himself he is greeted with news that his sister Lisa has become president of the United States. The additional news of free amenities convinces Bart to visit his sister.

Bart in the Future

Lisa mad at Bart

After a pubic briefing, Lisa is shown talking to talking to his advisors about how the previous president Donald Trump left the country in debt and broke. Bart storms into the meeting running from security. Lisa orders the agents to let him be. Under pressure to pay off the foreign debt, Lisa implements a higher tax on the country which was poorly received. She invites the foreign nations to a meeting to reason with them for an extension on payment. However, they would not comply. Bart, whom Lisa sent away, breaks into the meeting and converses with the foreign nations which worked out and bought Lisa time to pay off the debt. The vision ends at this point and after a few words of encouragement the manager mysteriously disappears and young Bart is found by Lisa in the manager’s quarters. As the leave the casino Bart relates what happened in the vision but does not mention that we was the President of the United States he instead tell her she had “some government job”.

Foreign Nations Meeting

Lisa and Bart Leaving Casino

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