Staravia Evolves and learns Close Combat [Pokémon]

In what episode does Staravia Evolve and learn close combat? 

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Ash’s Staravia Evolves into Staraptor and learns Close Combat in the Anime Pokémon Season 12 (which is called DP Galactic Battles) Episode 14. With the title:Pursuing a Lofty Goal!”

Additionally it is the 118th episode of the Diamond Peal (Shorted as DP) Series and is the 584th Episode of the Pokémon anime).

*Note that Pokémon: DP Galactic Battles is the third season of the Pokémon Diamond Pearl Series. The episodes of each Season may have their own number or code.


Episode Summary:

Ash arrives in a small town named Squallville known for its high gusty winds and a Pokemon completion called PokéRinger. he decides to enter the competition and manages to advance to the final round with Paul and his Honchkrow as his opponent, On other hand Ash chooses Staravia.

Staravia vs Honchkrow Ash and Paul

A fierce aerial battle started between the two in which Honchkrow proved more dominant. After taking some damage from Honchkrow and loosing the ring, Staravia Evolves and turns into Staraptor. The battle intensifies after this and Staraptor learns Close Combat. Staraptor manages to place the ring on the hook and comes out the winner making Ash the winner of the competition.

Staravia on the ground
Staravia knocked to the ground

Staraptor vs Honchkrow
Staravia Evolves into Staraptor


Ash,Staraptor and Pikachu
Ash and his pokemon taking victory picture
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