Sasuke vs Kinshiki (First Time) [Boruto]

In what episode does Sasuke fight Kinshiki  for the first time?

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Sasuke fights Kinshiki at Kaguya’s palace in Episode 54 of the  Anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, with the title: “Sasuke and Boruto”.

Note: Sasuke also fights Kinshiki in Episode 62. additionally this fight was first done in Boruto: Naruto the movie which has more scenes and a few minor differences from the series version of Boruto.


Episode Summary:

After returning to the village from his mission; Sasuke tells Naruto about his findings related to Kaguya and how he had to fight Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki who was on guard at the palace. He also met Momoshiki there, but decided not to continue fighting and managed to escape from them. As he was leaving Naruto’s office he met Boruto who was angry with his father, enough to fight him. After getting subdued by Sasuke, he became impressed with his strength and wanted to become his student. But Sasuke declined since he didn’t know how to do the rasengan.

Sasuke Activating Sharingan


Boruto took up the challenge and trained under Konahamaru and later successfully created a rasengan. Since the one that he created was small Sasuke highlighted this point and Boruto took it as a rejection. He runs off but returns a day later displaying a perfect rasengan to Sasuke. Sasuke seemed suspicions how ever when he saw the Scientific Ninja Tool on his wrist.

Sasuke Figting Kinshiki

Boruto and Sasuke

Sarada Watching Boruto Train

Scientific Ninja Tool

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