Saitama vs Genos [One-Punch Man]

In what episode does Saitama fight Genos?

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Saitama fights Genos in a sparring sometime after passing the National Hero Registry Exam in Episode 5 Season 1 of the Anime One-Punch Man , with the title: “The Ultimate Mentor”. 


Episode Summary:

As the Hero Association discuses the recent rise in applicants for the hero exam. Saitama is seen at one of the exam venues taking various physical tests. Event though he aced the physical exam (breaking the Hero Association past records by great margins) he did not do well on the written exam. this resulted in him just passing a receiving  a class C ranking, Unlike  Genos who scored 100% and got a rank of S. After learning that Saitama may soon outrank him, Snek tried to “rookie crush” him which did not work out. After agreeing to a spar fight with his student, Saitama gives a demonstration to Genos of just how much stronger he is. 

Saitama Weight Lifting


After the their fight, they both stop at a restaurant to eat during which Genos gets approached by Class A rank 1 Sweet Mask/Amai Mask. Sweet Mask wanted to meet Genos and tell him what was expected of him as a hero.

Saitama C Class result
C Ranking Result

Genos and Saitama

Saitama vs Genos fist

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