Saitama vs Deep Sea King [One-Punch Man]

In what episode does Saitama fight Deep Sea King?

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With Mumen Rider out and Genos seriously damaged and facing the threat of death, Saitama arrives just in time to save them. He defeats the Deep Sea King with only one punch in Season 1 Episode 9 of the Anime One-Punch Man, with the title: “Unyielding Justice”. 


Episode Summary:

Genos Arrives on the scene to save the people and manages to deal heavy blows to the Deep Sea King. However, because he let his guard down he ended up loosing an arm. Sometime during his tussle with the opponent, he was forced to use his body as a shield to protect a little girl who the Deep Sea King tried to attack using acid. Genos Sustained very serious damage from the acid, to where he became immobile. Just as he was to be killed by his enemy, Mumen Rider appeared and tried to fight back even though he wasn’t strong enough. Saitama arrives just in time though to save the day. He catches the now unconscious Mumen Rider and checks on Genos.

Deep Sea King vs Genos

The Deep Sea King attacks Saitama with a hit to the head, however it did not move him. he turns to fight the Deep Sea King and and defeats him with only one punch. Although the crowd was ecstatic at first, it soon quieted down when one person began to badmouth Saitama. Saitama in response downplayed his victory and painted himself as a cheat in order to give credit to the other heroes.(This was shown in the flash back at Saitama’s house while he and Genos were opening fan mail). Saitama got promoted to Class C 1 by the Hero Association (called in officially at the City Z Hero Association office) and he decided to cross over to class B. After his promotion, he encounters Mumen Rider at a roadside Oden shop who congratulates him on his promotion and treats him to a meal.

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