Luffy Escapes Big Mom’s Territory [One Piece]

In what episode does Luffy Escape Big Mom’s Territory  [One Piece] ?

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Luffy and his crewmates (with the exception of Jinbe) manage to escape the Big Mom Pirates territory in the Anime One Piece, Episode 877, with the title: “The Parting Time! Pudding’s Last Wish!”.


Episode Summary:

As the ship pulls away on the tide with the wind. The edge of Big Moms territory come in view with the notable flurry of cotton candy falling from the sky. Back at the battlefield, the news comes in that the Straw Hats have sailed out of Toto Land territory. Seeing it as the completion of their mission, The Sun Pirates and Germa start to retreat. Immediately following the retreat, everyone sees Big Mom making her arrival. This lifted the spirits of the frustrated Big Mom Pirates but cast a shadow of uncertainty over Germa and Jinbe’s crew.


Edge of Big Moms Territory
Cotton Flurry Edge of Big Moms Territory

Straw Hats Escaping

Germa 66 Retreating

Big Mom arriving on battle s

Big Mom Pirates

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