Katakuri fights Luffy [One Piece]

In what episode does Luffy fight Katakuri?

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Luffy fought  Katakuri in Episode 851 of the Anime One Piece, with the title: “The Man with a Bounty of Billion! The Strongest Sweet General, Katakuri!”. 

Note: Katakuri had attacked Luffy earlier in Episode 833. However the fight was short lived as it was interrupted by Jinbe. Luffy also grabs Katakuri into the Mirror World in episode 850


Episode Summary:

after a short exchange of words between the two, Luffy starts his battle with Katakuri  in Brulee’s Mirro-World. Meanwhile outside on the seas, the rest of Luffy’s crew try their best to out run The Big Mom Pirates, who later caught up with them. To add to their grief, they found out that Perospero did not die during the explosion in which Pedro sacrificed himself. Back in the Mirro-World Katakuri gets the advantage over Luffy and lands him multiple consecutive blows.

Luffy Vs Katakuri

Big Mom

Straw Hat Crew

Katakuri Pummeling Luffy
Katakuri Pummeling Luffy
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