In what episode does Luffy train with Rayleigh? [One Piece]

Luffy began his training under the supervision of Rayleigh on an abandoned island in episode 516 of One Piece, with the title “Luffy’s Training Commences – 2 Years From Now at the Promised Place”.

Luffy and Rayleigh
Luffy and Rayleigh running

The episode starts with Jinbe making his departure and telling luffy that he will see him in 2 years time at Fishman Island. At this point, Luffy and Rayleigh were on the ship of the Kuja Pirates and after Jinbe’s departure the ship’s leader Boa Hancock gave the order to sail to the abandoned Island called Rusukaina, which was where Luffy’s training would take place. When they reached the Island, Luffy was warned of its dangers, one of these being the wild beasts that lived there, approximately 500 of which were declared stronger than Luffy.

Rusukaina Island
Rusukaina Island
rampaging elephant
Rampaging elephant emerges from the forest
Elephant Knocked out

Right at the start of a lecture by Rayleigh about Haki, a rampaging elephant about 5 times bigger than average (described by Luffy) comes from out of nowhere to attack them. Luffy panics and goes into second gear but was knocked aside by the elephant. Rayleigh, showing no sign of being concerned, used the moment to demonstrate and explain the different types of Haki. He eventually used it to knock out the elephant. Luffy then began to have flash backs related to Haki and what Rayleigh was explaining to him.

Luffy Leaves hat on Rock

In the final Scenes luffy sets off with Rayleigh to train after leaving his hat and Rayleigh’s Vivre Card on a rock.

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