In what episode did Zoro fight Monet? [One Piece]

In what episode did Zoro fight Monet?

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Zoro first fights Monet at the end of Episode 611 in the Anime One Piece  with the title “A Small Dragon! Momonosuke Revealed 

Zoro vs Monet


Episode summary:

After falling through a floor Luffy meets Momonosuke the son of the samurai which luffy met on the island Punk Hazard. Luffy met Momonosuke in a garbage dump below Building C of the Lab on punk hazard. Momonosuke told luffy how he turned into a dragon by eating a devil fruit and about the experiments that Caesar Clown was conducting on the children there. Exhausted from being hungry, Momonosuke fell to the ground and fell into a hallucination in which he saw Donquixote Doflamingo.  Scared of the sight Momonosuke starts to fly and luffy grabs on to him.

While in building B the chase continued with the children chasing Mocha for the candy that Caesar Clown Is using to conduct experiments on them. Other member of the Straw Hat Crew which included choppa followed suit behind the children in order to catch them and give them a sedative that would take them out of the violent trance they were experiencing. It was during this time that the Lugia Type Snow woman called Monet tried to stop the Straw hat crew from catching the children. Coming just at the right time Zoro enters the fight to ward of an attack on his crew mates by Monet.


Other Notes

Most of the the fighting between these two takes place in the  episodes following episode 611

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