Naruto Vs Sasuke (Final Valley) [Naruto]

In what episode does Naruto fight Sasuke in [Naruto]?

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Naruto fought  Sasuke on more than one occasion, two of those happened at the Final Valley or Valley Of The End. Their first fight at this location happened in Episode 128 of the Anime Naruto, with the title: “A cry on Deaf Ears”. The fight concludes in episode 134


Episode Summary:

Standing atop the Statues of the Leaf Village’s past warriors, Naruto and Sasuke exchanged hard hitting and angry words with conflicting feelings. With Naruto determined to bring his friend and comrade home and Sasuke resolute on leaving, the inevitable fight between the two was started. With influence the from the curse mark, Sasuke’s power increased, which led to him having a clear advantage against Naruto landing consecutive heavy blows.

Naruto grabs Sasuke

Sasuke chokes naruto

Sasuke Vs Naruto

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