Naruto defeats Neji [Naruto]

In what episode does Naruto defeat Neji?

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Naruto defeats Neji in the Chunin Exams in Episode 62 of the Anime Naruto , with the title: “A Failure’s True Power”.


Episode Summary:

Shrugging off Neji’s argument of destiny, Naruto counters his opponents belief by through self confidence and not giving up on himself. Naruto knew that words alone would not be win over his opponent or win the match, he knew he needed power in the form of chakra. After having a flashback of training with Jiraiya, Naruto manages to tap into the Nine-Tails chakra. Armed with new power, Naruto goes on the offensive and attacks Neji.

Naruto and Neji

After an intense clash of Naruto’s chakra and Neji’s rotation technique, a huge blast fills the arena with dust which Naruto used to hide himself and leave one of his clones as a disguise. Neji is fooled by Naruto’s unresponsive clone and Naruto takes him by surprise with a punch coming from underground. With Neji now unable to move, Naruto uses the moment to prove that one can change his own destiny. The proctor announces Naruto as the winner and the crowd cheers him on.

Naruto Nine tails Chackra

Neji and Naruto Clash

Clone trick

Naruto Punches Neji

Naruto Defeats Neji

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