In what episode does Rock lee fight Gaara [Naruto]

Rock Lee first fights Gaara in the chunin exams of Naruto episode 48 with the title “Crash Gaara! Youthfulness! Power! Explosion!”

Gaara getting punched
Gaara getting punched

Episode Summary:

After a long wait, Rock lee finally gets his chance to fight, and his opponent turned out to be Gaara of the Sand. Seeming to be excited by the previous match between Neji and Hinata, Gaara wastes no time putting himself on the battle floor and calling his opponent. Rock lee on the other hand seemed to have no fare of the situation and had a brief conversation with his teacher before going to face Gaara.

When the fight finally begins Rock lee resorts to his taijutsu however it turned out to be ineffective because of Gaara’s sand shield, a wall of sand that takes action to protect Gaara regardless of his will. It was at that time that his teacher or sensei Guy explained to Sakura that Rock lee could only do taijustsu. Getting the go ahead to remove his weights, Rock lee started to remove from his lower leg what appeared to be ordinary training weights, which almost everyone thought. This however turned out not be the exact case when Rock lee dropped the weights to the ground. With his weight restrictions gone, Rock lee used the speed he has now acquired to finally place a hit on his opponent.

Gaara's sand shield







rock lee's weights


Rock lee hits Gaara

Although Gaara’s team mates were surprised that Gaara got hit, they knew that the match was far from decided. It was revealed that Gaara had a second shield sticking to his body which meant that Rock Lee’s hits did not do any damage. The desperate taijutsu specialist decided to resort to his Lotus, an extreme taijutsu technique that puts extreme stress on the body.

Rock lee lotus



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