Sasuke vs Danzo [Naruto Shippuden]

In what episode does Sasuke fight Danzo?

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Sasuke and Danzo start their battle on the Samurai Bride in Anime Naruto Shippuden, Episode 209 (Season 8 Vol 6 Episode 3 & 4), with the title: “Danzo’s Right Arm”.


Episode Summary:

After loosening the bandages on his arm, Danzo makes the first move, however Sasuke uses his Susanoo to defend against his attack. Elsewhere Naruto starts to come to terms with the reality of Sasuke’s sad future which triggers memories of people’s resentment towards his friend. He became deeply troubled to the point where he starts to hyperventilate then passes out. Back at the battle Karin starts to notice that Danzo’s resurrections back to life was connected to the Sharingans in his right arm. Using both Susanoo and Amaterasu at the same time starts to take its toll on Sasuke however he manages to inflict deadly damages to Danzo. The episode ends with Sasuke casting a genjutsu on Danzo. 

Sasuke Using Susanoo to Capture Danzo

Naruto Hyperventilating

Danzo uisng Wind to attack Sasuke

Sasuke vs Danzo

Danzo's Right Arm

Danzo in Genjutstu

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