Neji dies [Naruto Shippuden]

In what episode does Neji die?

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Neji Hyuga dies in the Anime Naruto Shippuden Episode 364 with the title: The Ties That Bind 




Episode Summary:

After a failed attempt by the Allied forces to eliminate them, Madara and Obito manage to launch a tailed beast bomb which destroys the Allied Shinobi HQ. Trying to demoralize Naruto, Obito who takes the lead in controlling the Ten Tails, launches an attack that results in many casualties.

madara and obito ten tailed beast

As the attacks become more focused on Naruto, Neji and Hinata step in to protect him; Hinata jumps in the way to protect Naruto from two wooden spikes coming in his direction. Neji then also jumps in the way making himself a human shield for both of them. The injuries Neji sustained were very severe and so he succumbed to them.

Allied Shinobi HQ Neji

Obito makes use the opportunity to try and crush Naruto’s spirit, But he is reassured by Hinata. After a counter by Killer B, Naruto regains his cloak form and gives Hinata some of his power.

hinata and naruto naruto and hinata cloak
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