Naruto uses Rasenshuriken for the first time [Naruto Shippuden]

In what episode does Naruto first use Rasenshuriken?

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 Naruto is first seen using the Rasenshuriken in the Anime Naruto Shippuden  Episode  87.  with the title “When You Curse Someone, You Dig Your Own Grave.

*Note that episode 86 and 87 (Naruto Shippuden special) were released on the same date. Depending on your video source these episodes may be combined.



Episode 86

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Episode 87

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Episode Summary:

Shikamaru manages to trick Hidan which results in Kakuzu losing one of his hearts. Using his shadow imitation technique Shikamaru straps paper bombs to Hidan’s body and set them off.

Shikamaru and Hidan Kakashi, Choji and Ino


Meanwhile back at Kakashi’s battle, Kakuzu is temporary disabled by the loss of his heart. However, one of his hearts returns to him, he then summons the last two in order to gain more power. After which he manages to trap Kakashi, Choji and Ino.

Team 7 Arrives Naruto Creating Rasenshuriken

Just as he was about to finish them off, Team 7 arrives and a combo attack by Naruto and Yamato saves them. After engaging Kakuzu with shadow clones, Naruto is seen in a flashback where he uses the Rasenshuriken for the first time to counteract Kakashi’s Rasengan.

Rasengan vs Rasenshuriken Rasenshuriken

* Summary contains events in episode 86 and 87

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