Naruto Nine-Tails Chakra mode [Naruto Shippuden]

In what episode does Naruto transform into Nine-Tails Chakra mode for the first time?

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Naruto Transforms into Nine-Tails Chakra Mode for the first time in the Anime Naruto Shippuden Episode 247 with the title “Target: Nine-Tails” 


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Episode Summary:

Naruto continues his inward battle to get control over the Nine Tail Fox’s chakra with the aid of his mother, Kushina. After borage of attacks on the Nine-Tails, Naruto comes out victorious and was able to absorb the Fox’s Chakra. After absorption Naruto undergoes an immediate transformation with a yellowish aura which coats him. On the coat like aura there were various markings on different parts of it. This Transformation was called Nine-Tails Chakra mode, which enhances the user’s strength and other abilities. Sometime after, Naruto reseals the Nine-Tails and his Mother starts to tell him about her past up until she died.

Naruto and Kushina Naruto fighting Nine-Tails

Nine-Tails Chakra Mode
Nine-Tails Chakra Mode
Kushina flashback story
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