Naruto Meets his Mother [Naruto Shippuden]

In what episode does Naruto meet his Mom?

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Naruto meets his mother Kushina while trying to control the Nine Tails’ power in episode 246 of the Anime Naruto Shippuden, with the title: “The Orange Spark”.


Episode Summary:

Naruto manages to inflict a blow to the Nine Tails with his Rasenshuriken in order to subdue him. Seeing that the Nine Tails was weekend he proceeded to try and extract the chakra. He was overwhelmed however and began to be negative emotions. Before it could fully consume him, he is brought into the visual consciousness of a woman with red hair. after a short exchange of words Naruto learns the woman was Kushina his mother. Overcome with Joy, Naruto hugged his mother which comforted him. Kushina manages to subdue the Nine Tails and uses the time to tell Naruto about her past and how she met and fell in love with his father.


Naruto's mother Kushina

Naruto and Kushina

Kushina as a child

Kushina captured by Cloud Ninja

Minato Rescues Kushina


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Anna Landy
Anna Landy
1 year ago

I love this it’s so cool 😎

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