Naruto Meets his Father [Naruto Shippuden]

In what episode does Naruto meet his Father?

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Naruto meets his father Minato who swooped in to stop him from releasing the Nine Tails seal in episode 167 of the Anime Naruto Shippuden, with the title: “Planetary Devastation”.


Episode Summary:

Now in rage, Naruto breaks one of the seals put upon him and transforms into tailed beast mode (Version 2). A fierce battle coupled with great displays of strength and power then ensued between tailed beast Naruto and Pain. The now Tailed Beast Naruto kept on transforming during the fight and gaining more and more power. Pain now pushed to his limits, acknowledges its power and decides to lure the beast to a convenient location to launch his Planetary Devastation attack. After pushing his powers to the limit Nagato breathed a sigh of relief since he has now trapped the beast.

His relief was short lived however as Naruto lost himself and started to give into the Nine-tail’s influence, moving from six-tails to eight-tails in a short period as indicated by Yamato. With this influence the Nine-tails grew stronger and started to break from the Planatary trap that Nagato had set in place. To complete the transformation however the third and final seal had to be broken. The Nine-tails took advantage of Naruto’s confused and discouraged state and persuaded him to release the seal. Just before he could remove it, his father jumps towards him and stops him (Naruto did not know at this point that the fourth Hokage was his father). This was the first time Naruto was meeting his Father Minato (The Fouth Hokage of the Leaf Village).

nine-tails breaks seal

Pain vs Nine-tails Chakra mode

Pain using Planetary Devastation

Planetary Devastation

Naruto's Father Minato

Naruto meets his father the Fourth Hokage

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