Kakashi’s Face Reveal [Naruto Shippuden]

In what episode is Kakashi’s face revealed?

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After thwarting Naruto and his comrade’s plot to see his face. Kakashi is seen back at his room removing his disguise which showed his real face for the first time, in episode 469 of the Anime Naruto Shippuden, with the title: “A Special Mission”.


Episode Summary:

While devising their plan a plan to see Kakashi’s face, Team 7 comes into contact with a mysterious man who calls himself Sukea who overheard their plan. Sukea declares himself as a traveling photographer and gives them info on where they could find Kakashi’s photo. after failing in the first attempt to see Kakashi unmasked. Sukea decides to help Naruto and his team mates with another plan which was interrupted and ended up failing.

Just as they were about to give up. Kiba with 5 of Naruto’s other friends met with him and joined in the mission. Two plans were set up to get Kakashi to reveal his face with Shikamaru playing an important role in the second plan. after the failure of the first plan, Shikamaru manages to catch Kakashi with his shadow possession which he used to try and remove Kakashi’s mask. the plan was however interrupted by Neji and Rock-lee which also ended up with them not able to reveal Kakashi face. They later decided to give up and it is reveal that Neji, Rock-lee and Tenten where actually transformed clones setup by Kakashi.

Sukea also decided to part ways with the group, he on his way he ran into Guy who was strangely puzzled by Sukea as if he knew him from somewhere which spooked Sukea. Later we find Kakashi removing the disguise that his Sukea. he had disguised himself to fool his pupils.


Kakashi's face

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