Kakashi gets Sharingan [Naruto Shippuden]

In what episode does Kakashi get his Sharingan?

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Kakashi was given the left Sharingan by Obito which was transplanted by Rin  in episode 120 of the Anime Naruto Shippuden, with the title: “Kakashi Chronicles – Boys’ Life on the Battlefield – Part 2.


Episode Summary:

Kakashi arrives just in time to save Obito as he is about to be wounded by one of the enemy Ninja that held Rin Captive. The Enemy ninja however managed to permanently blind one of Kakashi’s eyes. Being angry by the fact of always being rescued, Obito at that point resolved in himself to be stronger and at that point awakened his Sharingan. His new ability helped him to see and defeat his enemy who used a camouflage Jutsu to mask himself in his surroundings. 

Shortly after Kakashi and Obito entered the cave where Rin was being interrogated under Genjutsu by a lone enemy Ninja. With great teamwork Kakashi and Obito manages to wound and temporarily disable their enemy. while releasing Rin from her bonds, the enemy ninja rises and uses a Jutsu to collapse the cave. During the cave’s collapse Kakashi gets hit by a rock and falls, Obito turns back to save him and throws him out of the way to save him. Obito however got hit by the boulder which crushed the right half his body. 

Knowing he was at his last, Obito begged Rin to transplant his left eye as a gift to Kakashi. Kakashi then used the new abilities of the eye to defeat the enemy ninja. Very shortly after enemy reinforcements arrived and further collapse the rest of the rocks onto Obito. Kakashi gets into attack mode and tells Rin to run. Just as the battle is about to start the scene is cut and brought elsewhere to Kakashi wakening up. He sees his sensei the Yellow Flash who told him that he defeated all the enemies. He also appologies to Kakashi for not being able to save Obito. 

Kakashi Gets Sharingan

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