Jiraiya Dies [Naruto Shippuden]

In what episode does Jiraiya die?

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Knowing he was risking death to unravel Pain’s identity, Jiriaya went ahead with his decision which cause him his life in episode 133 of the Anime Naruto Shippuden, with the title: “The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant”.


Episode Summary:

Although having much evidence before him about Pain. Jiraiya found it difficult to ascertain the true identity of who pain was. He knew he was onto something but needed more clues. Pain proved to be a difficult foe for Jiraiya even with two elder toads assisting him. After taking out one of the Pains, Jiriaya noticed that all the Pains were persons he had encounter in his journeys. Although having the opportunity escape his certain death, Jiraiya saw this as a critical decision he needed to make for the sake of peace as prophesied by the Great Sage Toad.

Jiraiya vs Pain

Coming out of hiding he faced the pains again, and after putting all the clues together he discovered the true identity of Pain. But one of them crushed his throat right before he could tell Fukasaku. They then impaled him with rods to the ground and left him to die. At that moment Jiraiya started to recount his life and how he had lived up to that point. He saw this sacrifice as worthwhile even at the cost of his life. Using will power alone he used the last of his strength to inscribe a code of pains identity on Fukasaku’s back. Seeing this Pain attacks Jiraiya and the toad, however Fukasaku manages to escape but Jiraiya sinks to the bottom of the water body surrounding them. Jiraiya last remarks that Naruto is the child of prophecy. The episode ends with Naruto being startled by the sudden appearance and disappearance of Jiraiya’s arm on his shoulder and Tsunade looking out to sea in concern. 

jiraiya writing code


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