Nanika Heals Gon [Hunter X Hunter]

In what episode does Nanika  (Alluka) heal Gon?

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Nanika, Alluka’s second half Heals Gon during the election ark in Episode 145 of the Anime Hunter X Hunter (2011) , with the title: “Defeat × And × Reunion”. 


Episode Summary:

Having reached the hospital where Gon was , Killua asks Alluka to let Nanika heal his friend.  Upon seeing Gon’s state when Nanika asks for his hand, Killua is horrified and begs Nanka to heal Gon. Nanika takes Gon’s Hand and starts to healing him. During the process a tremendous amount of aura was seen emanating from the Hospital which startled those guarding the building. The power could also be felt at the hunter association some distance away. Somewhere near the hospital, Illumi seeing what had taken place was ecstatic at having the power belonging to him. 

Nanika and Killua

  Felling the immense power, Pariston deduced that Gon had been healed and decides to draw out the election. This would give him enough time for the news to surface which would demotivate Leorio in running for President, making him the winner (Pariston later confessed this plan to Cheadle). Moments later Morel bursts through the door with the good news and Gon appears, fully healed. Leorio is elated and jumps to his friend, the crowd cheers on Gon and he thanks them.  He then sees List and Dwun point out Ging who was not happy that Gon saw him.

Nanika Healing Gon

Nanika's Power

Cheedle and Mizaistom sensing power
Cheedle and Mizaistom Surprised at Nanika’s Power

Leorio, Pariston and Cheedle

Gon after being healed

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