Midoriya defeats Chisaki/Overhall [My Hero Academia]

In what episode does Midoriya defeat Chisaki/Overhall?

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Midoriya defeats Chisaki Kai also known as Overhall in Episode 77 ( Season 4) of the  Anime My Hero Academia, with the title: “Bright Future”.


Episode Summary:

With most of the Hassaikai’s fighters taken down, Heroes and law enforcement waste no time in restraining them. Meanwhile above ground, Midoriya and Chisaki continue there battle. With the help of Eri’s power, Midoriya is able to hold and use 100 percent of his power without taking damage. As a result he was able to overpower Overhall who was now weakened which led to his defeat. In order to save Midoriya from Eri’s out of control power, Eraser Head had to stop Eri’s quirk. She fell unconscious right afterward.  When the battle ended and all the Hassaikai villains were caught, the League of Villains shortly after attacked the police convoy that was transporting Chisaki. They managed to kill one hero, dismember Chisaki and steal his quirk-stopping bullets.

Later we see Midoriya at the hospital with Eraser Head telling him about the status of all the injured heroes. He later learned that Night Eye was in serious condition and rushed to see him.  While speaking to All Might and Midoriya, Miro rushed in with tears in his eyes. After sharing his final words with Miro,Night Eye dies.

Eri's Quirk Out of Control

Overhall Defeated

Eraser Head stops Eri's Power

Midoriya and Eri after Fight

League of Villains Steal Quirk-stopping bullets

Midoriya, All Might and Miro

Night Eye in Hospital

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