Jiren Reveal His True Power [Dragon Ball Super]

In what episode does Jiren reveal his true power?

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Jiren reveals his true power in episode 127 of the Anime Dragon Ball Super during the “Tournament of Power” saga with the title: “The Approaching Wall! The Final Barrier of Hope!!”. 


Jiren Powering up
Jiren Powering up



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Episode Summary:

The episode opens with Jiren powering up and releasing the tremendous energy of his true power, causing more damage to the already crumbling fighting stage. As the dust clears, Jiren is seen with a fire like aura surrounding him. Although aware of his tremendous power, Vegeta, Goku and Android 17 charge at him. The trio launches multiple coordinated attacks, but with limited to no success. Android 17 manages to inflict damage to Jiren but also took damage in the process.


Trio charges at Jiren


Jiren as a child
Jiren as a child

Frieza manages to hit Jiren but his battle was short lived as he was overpowered by Jiren. After trading many blows with their opponent, Goku and Vegeta are forced to lie on the ground due to the damage they received. Android 17 was still able to stand and starts to provoke Jiren by words; Belmod interrupts the conversation to defend Jiren. Belmod uses the opportunity to tell the back story of Jiren and about his Obsession with power. Jiren is irritated by it however and tells Belmod to stop. Android 17 uses the story to upset Jiren, who reacts and launches a powerfull energy ball at him Goku and Vegeta. Android 17 decides to sacrifice himself in order to stop the energy blast and save Goku and Vegeta.

Android 17 saving universe 7

Android 17 Sacrifices himself

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