In what episode does L die? [Death Note]

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L dies (killed by  Light/ ‘Kira’) in Death Note of Episode 25 with the title “Silence”.


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L Episode 25

Episode Summary:

This episode starts with scenes seeming to belong to L’s earlier life. After which it continues with L asking Rem some questions about the death note, however she gives very little information in order not to get Light and Misa in any implications. During that time Misa starts using her death note to kill criminals, L starts to suspect her but Kira (also known as Light) denies Misa’s involvement.

L questiong Rem

Light's evil
Light’s evil grin at L

At the same time during the conversation between L and Light, Rem starts to think why Light would put himself and Misa in danger. She then figures out that it is all part of Light’s plan to make her kill L. Light knew that Rem would try to protect Misa if she was in danger. Rem, although knowing that she would die, carried out the plan regardless of the consequence.

L falling
L falling to the ground
L's last moment
L’s last moments in Lights arms
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I cry everytime

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