In what episode does Ant King Meruem Fight Netero? [Hunter X Hunter 2011]

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Ant King Meruem first fights Netero in the Anime Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 122 with the title “Pose × And × Name”. This battle lasted until Episode 126.


Power up Meruem and Netero

Episode Summary:

Netero and the Ant King arrives at a weapon testing sight far away from the Palace where they plan to fight. The Ant King Proposes a Deal to Netero, but he declines.Despite Meruem’s unwillingness to fight,  Netero managed to convince him. He told the Ant King he knew his name and would not reveal it unless he is forced to admit defeat.

Ant King and Netero
Ant King and Netero before battle

100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva hits Meruem


Mean while at the palace Pouf learns of the situation from Pitou and manages to get past Gon’s vigilance in order to meet up with Youpi and Search for the king.

Pouf and Youpi
Pouf and Youpi
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