Gon vs Hisoka [Hunter X Hunter]

In what episode does the Gon fight Hisoka?

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Gon fights Hisoka in a tournament at the Heavens Arena in Episode 35 of the Anime Hunter X Hunter (2011) , with the title: “The X True X Pass”. 


Episode Summary: 

The boys get a good lesson from their new master Wing, about all the basics of Nen and Nen types. Wing then tasks them with improving their focus of Nen primarily using the water method. Over the same time while in training, Gon sets his fight date with Hisoka. Sometime after, they assemble to show Wing their progress. Gon and Killua were given a pass after demonstrating their impressive growth; Zushi on the other hand fell short. Wing also used the opportunity to congratulate Gon on passing  the second stage (Secret Hunter Exam, which learning Nen was a requirement). The day of Gon’s Match with Hisoka finally arrives and Killua along with Wing and Zushi were present to watch the fight. The Match starts with Hisoka making easy work of Gon’s Attacks and taking no damage. While Gon on the other hand was dealt critical hits from his opponent.  The Episode ends with Gon using a diversion to finally land a solid hit on Hisoka.

Wing Teaching Nen

Zushi, Killua, Gon and Wing

Gon vs Hisoka


Hisoka fights Gon

Gon Hits Hisoka


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