Gon and Killua Learn Nen [Hunter X Hunter 2011]

In what episode does Gon and Killua Learn Nen?

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Gon and Killua learn how to use Nen in Episode 29 of the Anime Hunter X Hunter (2011), with the title: “Awakening x And x Potential”. 


Episode Summary:

With time running out on them, Gon and Killua try to learn the fundamentals of Nen from their new teacher Wing. Due to the lack of time needed to teach them. Wing had to use an aggressive method to awaken the boys Nen. Wing also warned about the dangerous risks of using such a method, but both agreed under go to it. The method turned out successful and it didn’t take them long to stop their gushing aura master Ten with minimal advice. Armed with their new power and knowledge, Gon and Killua manage to pass Hisoka’s test and advance to the 200s of Heavens Arena.

After registering, they were confronted by three fighters named Sadaso, Gido, and Riehlvelt who wanted to fight them. Being excited, Gon didn’t want to wait to test his new powers and signed up for a match at that same point. His Opponent turned out to be Gido who was one of the 3. The match was set for the following day and Gon was surprised by the power of his opponent during their fight.

Gon and Killua Learning Nen

Gon and Killua Training

Hisoka's test

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