Goku Uses Ultra Instinct For The First Time

In what episode does Goku use Ultra Instinct for the first time?

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Goku uses Ultra Instinct in Episode 110 of the Anime  Dragon Ball Super with the title: “Son Goku Wakes! New Level of the Awakened!!”.


Episode Summary:

The battle continues with Goku and Jiren trying to force the spirit bomb at each other. Goku is pushed to his limit, struggling to push the giant ball of energy back at Jiren; Jiren on the other hand shows no sign of fatigue or exertion.  Both opponents pushed against the spirit bomb until the expansion of the energy reached its limit and then collapsed.  During the collapse of the energy ball into a condensed state, Goku fell into it and then it exploded. The Blast from the energy left a large crater on the fighting arena and Goku seemed to have been vaporized from the blast.

Jiren Pushing spirit bomb

Spirit Bomb
Spirit Bomb being pushed
Light from Transformation
Light from Goku’s Transformation

Goku Falling

Jiren seemed the victor. However, Goku makes a surprising comeback with a blast of energy and light.  He came back with a light blue translucent aura emanating like heat waves around him. He was very calm and had white Pupils. This new transformation gave him Ultra Instinct, which he was using for the first time. This was stated by Weise. He immediately made a strike at Jiren and manages to graze him. The fight continues with Goku and Jiren going head to head in an intense fight of blazing speed. Goku continued to learn more about his new form with each strike at Jiren. Unfortunately after a combo of hits to Jiren,  Goku gets overpowered and loses his Ultra Instinct. He is then blasted to one end of the arena by Jiren.  He was then approached by Vegeta who asked him about his new power.

Goku Transformed
Transformation with Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren
Jiren overpowers Goku
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