Goku Masters Ultra Instinct [Dragon Ball Super]

In what episode does Goku master Ultra instinct?


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Goku masters Ultra Instinct during his battle with Jiren in the Anime Dragon Ball Super, Episode 129 with the title:” Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!” 


Ultra Instinct complete
Ultra Instinct Mastered



Episode Summary:

The high intensity battle continues between Goku and Jiren after Goku transforms into his Ultra Instinct form.  Wanting to inflict damage to Jiren, Goku decides to switch to offensive mode, doing this using the Kamehameha wave. He manages to get close to Jiren to unleash the wave but it proved ineffective as Jiren had studied his techniques during Goku’s fight with Kefla.  As a result Jiren manages to Block the wave and shoot a power blast at Goku thrusting him a far distance. Confident in Jiren’s power, Belmod and Marcarita boasts about their eventual victory over Universe 7, but he is reminded by Vegeta that  they should not underestimate a saiyans abilities.

Goku vs Jiren



Belmod on realizing what Vegeta was saying shouted to Jiren to knock off Goku. Goku responds with a battle cry and upsurge of power which halts Jiren’s attack on him. The battle between the two gets more heated, during this same time Goku continues to improve his form as explained by Whis.  Jiren unleashes more of his power and manages to trap Goku on a small piece of the arena’s edge.  Driven to defend himself, Goku switches to attack mode and negates Jirens punches landing a heavy blow to Jiren in the process.

Goku in offensive mode

Goku gathering Ultra Instinct Energy

While Goku was increasing his Ultra Instinct energy, Jiren decides to deliver the finishing blow with a power full blast but is easily caught and destroyed by Goku. Goku at this point masters Ultra Instinct. In appearance he had a bright white neon like aura around him with white neon like hair. He easily manages to land multiple blows to Jiren with his new found power. This new development causes the Gods of Destruction to stand.  At this same time Whis confirms to Beerus that Goku’s ascension to Ultra Instinct was complete.

Jirens large energy

Ultra Instinct ability

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