Escanor Fights Galand [The Seven Deadly Sins]

In what episode does Escanor Fights Galand?

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Escanor fought  Galand of the 10 Commandments in Season 2 Episode 14 of the Anime The Seven Deadly Sins, with the title: “Master of the Sun”. 


Episode Summary:

After a narrow escapes of assaults on the group, Ban, Elaine and Jericho manage to find a cave where they could try and hide from their pursuers. Upon further entering the cave they find a tavern inside operated by lone man. The man agrees to hiding them from their pursuers. Their pursuers which were Galand and Melascula breaks inside the tavern as they were able track Ban and the others. Knowing that the tavern operator was hiding the three, Galand decided to play a game of battle with the man to save himself and the and those he was hiding. 

Jericho,Ban and Elaine

After a mistaken hard hit from Galand the man goes unconscious for a few hours but wakes up some hours after during daybreak having a tall and muscular appearance. The Man is revealed to be Escanor “The Lion Sin of Pride”. Seeing that he was a threat. Galand went full power but no match for Escanor, who later was overcome by fear of Escanor’s power and tried to flee from battle and fell for his own commandment which turned him into stone. Melascula also tried to kill him but was no match for him.

Tavern in Cave

Escanor vs Galand


Galand turned to stone


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