Endeavor vs High-End Nomu [My Hero Academia]

In what episode does Endeavor fight the first High-End Nomu?

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Endeavor fights and defeats the High-End Nomu named Hood in (Season 4) Episode 88 (battle starts at the end of episode 87) of the Anime My Hero Academia , with the title: “His Start”.


Episode Summary:

After a conversation with with their mother, Natsu and Fuyumi learn that their father Enji who mistreated the family in the past was now showing signs of good change. At that same time else where, Enji/Endeavor was facing the first major enemy of his career as the #1 Hero. His opponent was a new type of Nomu, black in appearance which could think and speak. The combined factor of its strength, speed and regenerative abilities proved to be a real challenge for the hero.

Endeavor Vs High-End Nomu

Even with help from Hawks and very powerful attacks from Endeavor, the Nomu proved to be overwhelming and ended up wounding Endeavor. With the city in panic, a rampaging Nomu and the number 1 Hero seemingly out of the fight, all seemed lost. However Endeavor decide not to give in, he rises and pursues his enemy. He manages to get a hold of the Nomu and propels it high into the sky and uses his power to burn it away. After he falls to the ground and strikes his pose of victory, the civilians and News reporter cheer him on. Watching the whole ordeal on TV, Shoto was in shock but also relieved that his dad survived. At the end of the episode Izuku has a dream where he sees all the previous One For All users (except All Might), All for One and the originator of One For All.

Endeavor's Flashfire Fist Hell Spider

Nomu Injurs Endeavor

Endeavor, Nomu, Hawks

Endeavor Victory Pose

Shoto Relieved

 One for all, All for One Dream

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