Vegeta Uses Final Flash For First Time [DBZ]

In what episode does Vegeta use Final Flash?

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Vegeta Uses his Final Flash Technique for the first time in the Anime Dragon Ball Z, Episode 162 (or episode 147 for initial release), With the title: “Trunks Ascends”. 


Episode Summary:
Vegeta finds it hard come to terms with the truth that Cell has become far stronger than he is. In a desperate effort to defeat his enemy he tries to tout Cell into going head on with his super charged energy technique the”Final Flash”. Cell accepts his challenge and takes the blast head-on. After the dust clears, a maimed Cell emerges. Thinking he had won, Vegeta bursts out in laughter, but his victory laugh is short lived by Cell’s regeneration. Cell Proceeds to attack Vegeta, at this point Vegeta’s attacks have little to no effect on him and manages to knock Vegeta unconscious. Just as he’s about to kill Vegeta Cell gets startled when he feels Trunks Powering up.

Cell after final flash
Final Flash
Vegeta Unconscious
Trunks Powring up
Trunks Powring Up
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