Chrollo vs Zoldycks [Hunter X Hunter]

In what episode does the Zoldycks fight Chrollo?

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Zeno and Silva Zoldyck fights Chrollo the leader of the Phantom Troupe as part of a assassination job in Episode 52 of the Anime Hunter X Hunter (2011) , with the title: “Assault x And x Impact”. 


Episode Summary:

The Phantom Troupe continues to massacre the army of mafia fighters who were guarding the venue of the Auction. Kurapika’s boss ask that he watch over and protect his daughter; Kurapika however wants to engage the Troupe which he eventually got permission to do. Gon and Killua  manages to reach out to him to offer assistance but he was reluctant. Shortly after Kurapika learns that the building was already infiltrated by the Troupe he immediately  heads to the direction of the reports.

Phantom Troupe attacks mafia

As the leaders and executives of the Mafia get more and more uneasy; Zeno and Silva breaks the tension after addressing those in the building. Both of them were hired by the Ten Dons to take out the problematic Troupe member. Both Kurapika and the Zoldyck team then start their search for the Troupe; Kurapika’s search however was interrupted by his Boss as he was about to enter the room where Chrollo was. Very shortly after Zeno and Silva  found Chrollo and the battle between the two sides began after a short exchange of words. Chrollo Manages to scratch one of Silva’s arms with a Poisoned Knife, but later struggled to keep up with the two and had to switch into defense mode. Zeno manages to get a hold on him and calls out for Zeno who launched a powerful attack.


Kurapika gets call from Gon and Killua

Chrollo vs Silva and Zeno Zoldyck

Chrollo shows stolen ability

Zeno using Dragon Lance

Silva's energy ball

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